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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Corporate Incest

It’s somewhat comforting to see the resignation of Secretary of the Army Francis Harvey and the firing of Maj. Gen. George Weightman in regards to the shameful conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Maybe now, in the last throes of this lame duck Presidency, this administration is becoming accountable. From Abu Ghraib to New Orleans, this administration has demonstrated a negligent and criminal inability to govern. Blogger, Unbossed, suggests that one of the pillars of the Conservative Movement, privatization, may be at the cornerstone of this latest failure.

The corporate incest and government patronage is sickening. John Snow, former Bush Secretary of Treasury, owns the majority of the contracting company, IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., that holds the contract to run Walter Reed. IAP worldwide executives Al Neffgen (CEO) and David Swindle (President) are alumni of Halliburton/KBR. Why are these contracts not already in someone’s shredder or fireplace? Why does our government continue to award multi-million dollar administrative contracts to people who couldn’t administer a lemonade stand?

Let us hope that the findings and recommendations of the President’s new bi-partisan commission to look into this matter are taken seriously. Just like the 9-11 Commission and the Baker – Hamilton Iraq Study Group. Oh Jeez, these crippled American’s don’t stand a chance.

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