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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Food: Sunday Comfort Food and Thoughts on Fine Dining

I spend most Sunday nights at my sister’s home. Tonight my brother-in-law baked a chicken pot pie. The crust was nicely toasted on top, buttery and airy throughout. The filling: chunks of chicken, requisite root veggies and tubers smothered in a blonde roux thickened cream sauce.

I helped my sister add information to the sidebar of her new blog while deserting on chocolate ice cream. Afterwards, we flipped between Iron Chef, America and the Oscars. Somebody won an award for “Best Make-Up”. The lobster with white truffle shavings and the seared tuna with spaghetti squash earned high honors. We talked a bit about Social Security. We laughed at the failed attempt to rename a Boston arena the “Derek Jeter Center”.

Before my nephew went to bed, he made me promise to pick him up after school a week from Tuesday. Tuesday's, he bowls while my niece learns to skate. We also made plans for a day trip during his upcoming Spring recess. He wants to take the train into the city to visit my other sister at work. “If we have time,” he said, maybe we could go to the top of the Empire State Building. As I was driving home I thought, the seafood impressed, but the pot pie won Best Meal.

{Update, 2/28/05, 2:40 pm} The English language called. It demanded last night's post be edited. I did the best I could.

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