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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Politics: Oil For Food

The UN has been under increasing attacks by many conservatives, most recently for the Oil for Food scandal. Since late last year, Republicans in the House and Senate have been calling for the resignation of UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan.

From the Washington Times:

"Kofi Annan must go," said Rep. Dan Burton, Indiana Republican. "I think its time we get someone up there that's responsible, who we can trust."

Mr. Garrett (Rep. Scott Garrett, (R) NJ) added, "The larger question is whether he should be in jail."

"Oil-for-food is an international disgrace that has become a global scandal," said Rep. Mike Pence, Indiana Republican, who said Mr. Flake's bill is "sending the message to the U.N. that it's time to put your house in order."

From cnn.com in an article commenting on Sen. Coleman's op-ed in the Wall Street Journal:

"The decision to call for Mr. Annan's resignation does not come easily," Coleman wrote. "But I have arrived at this conclusion because the most extensive fraud in the history of the U.N. occurred on his watch.

Coleman continued that the,"massive scope of this debacle demands nothing less."

Coleman said he was not accusing Kofi Annan of anything "other than incompetence and mismanagement."

What is that saying about people in glass houses? Today we learned this from CNN, "Documents: U.S. condoned Iraq oil smuggling."

Documents obtained by CNN reveal the United States knew about, and even condoned, embargo-breaking oil sales by Saddam Hussein's regime, and did so to shore up alliances with Iraq's neighbors.

Tell me Senator Coleman and Representatives Burton, Garrett, Pence and Flake, when can we expect your calls for President Bush to resign?

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