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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


  • date: 04/05/05
  • time: evening
  • weather: 66 ºF, mostly sunny, slight wind NW at 6 mph
  • mileage: today-1.8, week-1.8, year-107.5
  • resting (bpm): 62
  • after workout (bpm): 135
  • weight: +29


In view of my recent running binges and persistent inconsistency, I cut way back on my mileage today. The thinking here is that if I’m not faced with a schedule busting run every time I go out, the consequent aches and pains and the need to dress for extended exposure, I might be more inclined to run everyday. I also had a pork shoulder roast in the oven. Yeah, I know. I cook an inordinate amount of meat.

My 1.8-mile loop is both convenient and rare in my neighborhood. No lights or major intersections to cross. Half of the loop is along a runway straight service road. I use the first section as a warm-up, the service road as the pick-up and the final section as a cool-down. As I my condition improves, I’ll use this loop multiple times in a single workout that targets speed and strength conditioning as well as endurance training. Today I opened up on the middle section much more than I have in this year. The spike in my post-workout heart rate reflects the intensity. The legs felt good. My cardio-fitness needs work.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s run.


bb said...

Hmmm yummy ... didn't know that you had the "chef" in you ... what's the menu for tomorrow?

Primer said...

A la Rachel Ray, it was one of those 30-minute meals. Ground beef in oyster sauce with steamed broccoli over white rice.

As is often the case, my inner carnivore refuses to be repressed.

bb said...

A la Don Collins' Cookbook of the Year is a good one too … Bon Appétit !!!