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Friday, June 10, 2005

Misssster O'Leary

Sorry for the inside joke, but I ran across this passage in Kazuo Ishiguro’s, Never Let Me Go, and it stirred some slumbering synapses. Kathy H. was thinking back to how she was recruited into a secret guard for a favorite teacher:

When it came down to it, though, I don’t recall our taking many practical steps towards defending Miss Geraldine; our activities always revolved around gathering more and more evidence concerning the plot itself …

… Most of our “evidence” came from witnessing the conspirators at work … we watched from a second-floor classroom Miss Eileen and Mr. Roger talking to Miss Geraldine down in the courtyard … Miss Geraldine said goodbye and went off … we kept on watching, and saw Miss Eileen and Mr. Roger put their heads closer together to confer furtively ...

“Mr Roger,” Ruth sighed on that occasion, shaking her head. “Who’d have guessed he was in it too?”

Odd that I don’t remember any guy named Kazuo from my hometown.

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