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Saturday, January 07, 2006

A New Year

To quote some not-so-recent emails from my cousin, "... so I was there ..." That's me, Primer Nephew, Niece, Brother and Sis waving from the lighthouse observation deck. PN-n-N's parents did the honors on the photograph taken on the second day of this year.

Though I've been away for a while, I'll try to spend as little time as possible with the recap. No marathon. ROL got in the way. New job, same commute. Much, much love and family during the holidays. I got cookbooks and an "as seen on TV" rotisserie, so I'm hoping to add to the paltry list of entries in the Food Section.

I also got a handy flash drive. All the better to grub photos from relative's hard drives. There, see. That really is me on the lighthouse. Though my running has been limited to one brief outing in the past four months, I got new running shoes. The public accountability thing wasn't enough of a motivator to keep me on track last year, so maybe I'm going to keep the running goals a bit on the down low this year. Hopefully I'll be writing more about results and less about preliminaries.

Anyway, it's good to be back. From the looks of my site meter, I've rendered my site visitor vacant. Also hope that changes. (cricket, cricket)

Oh, Mortimer has a new bed.


braine said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Where are you Primer Man?????

I don't hear the crickets even! Got a new girl?