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Monday, January 23, 2006

Yeah, So I'm a Raptor

Six days, six pairs of socks punctured. First two days, I wrote it off as a need to add some pairs to the old rotation. After the third day, I figured my toenails weren't getting the proper attention. Snip, snip. The fourth day, same result. I broke out the "new" socks, purchased a month ago and worn only once. Darn it, they too were no match for my trimmed but still deadly talons. The fifth day the weather changed. I switched shoes and tried on another plucky pair. No go. Despite their spunk, they bit the dust as well.

Today held high hopes. Nails once again filed to a blunt edge. Old shoes with a familiar wear pattern. Abbreviated walking commute. New socks.

Man oh man. Same deal. What's a guy to do to get through a day without wearing through a pair of socks?

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