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Friday, November 24, 2006

Sign She May Be Too Young ...

Back dating again. It's been a while, but that seems to be a recurring theme these days. Like going back to a childhood playground, the terrain seems smaller. The amusements are updated, but require less imagination. It was several lifetimes ago that these challenges and triumphs seemed relevant.

Ah, get over it. I've made the choices, and I'll have to work with the consequences.

We had been working together on a project over the summer. Nearing the deadline our platonic relationship changed; we kissed. Two weeks later I found her MySpace profile. To my surprise, under her details section her status read, "In a relationship".

Oh, she's already involved with someone else. No, stupid. That someone else is me. So fast forward a couple of months of coupledom and now the holidays are here. A time for family and friends to get together and celebrate all of life's tremendous gifts. Has it been over a decade since I've had to both meet the family and introduce mine?

My cell is wonky at the moment, so I decide to make arrangements online. I try to reconstruct the awkward path of a non-subscriber back to her MySpace page, but then hatch a plan. I'll start my own profile. Then I can add her to my friends list. I'll be able to leave one of those animated gif comments that seem to be very popular but never fail to crash the dinosaur that is my home desktop. When did I become the adult that couldn't program a VCR? OK, go.

I'm back on her page and, what is this? If you sit with one eye half shut and head tilted ~20 degrees off vertical axis, you'll notice that my girlfriend's status is now "Single". So MySpace and all her readers knew before I did that, one, I was in a relationship, and two, I got dumped.

Well, not really, maybe. 'Cause you know new forms of communication inherently come with new forms of miscommunication. I'll update when I've sorted this out.


half the battle said...

oh man, the perils of myspace. i have found out many a thing i did not want to know about someone i may or may not have been dating.
this why i formally eschew dating. even though i informally continue not to learn from my mistakes.

Primer said...

Best wishes. Thanks for the visit.

braine said...

Maybe you can start your next relationship the same way...just put "in a relationship" and pick the person you're in the relationship with, then tell her to check out your profile on MySpace so she knows.

Note: figure out how to differentiate this from "stalking."

Primer said...

Yeah, that would take away a lot of the suspense. Alternatively I could date someone my own age, but then that would make too much sense.