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Friday, December 01, 2006

Trial By Software

If you've crossed the border by land, sea or air, American citizen or not, you've been rated by the Department of Homeland Security as to whether or not you are a security risk. Your score is determined by a data mining program that factors in personal information that includes your driving record, where you're from, past one-way tickets you've purchased, how you paid for your travel, window or aisle preference, and what you like to eat on your trip.

"The government notice says some or all of the ATS data about an individual may be shared with state, local and foreign governments for use in hiring decisions and in granting licenses, security clearances, contracts or other benefits. In some cases, the data may be shared with courts, Congress and even private contractors."

- U.S. Rates Travelers for Terror Risk

So everyone has access to what you thought was private information. Well, not everyone. YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED to see YOUR SCORE or all YOUR INFORMATION that some government computer program used to determine YOUR SECURITY RISK ASSESSMENT.

I wonder how Amendments IV-VII and possibly VIII are feeling. Seems like they are taking a beating.

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