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Monday, November 19, 2007

Shares Our Values

A 19 year old woman was gang raped by seven men. THE VICTIM was sentenced to 90 lashes for meeting with a man, who was not her husband, in public. After her lawyer spoke to the media about this case, his license was revoked and THE VICTIM’S sentence was increased to 200 lashes and six months in jail. Where? Saudi Arabia.

Our government’s response:

Shying away from criticism of key ally, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack called the case and the punishment "surprising" and "astonishing."

"While this is a judicial procedure -- part of a judicial procedure -- overseas in courts outside of our country, still while it is very difficult to offer any detailed comment about this situation, I think most people would be quite astonished by the situation, " McCormack said.

"I can't get involved in specific court cases in Saudi Arabia dealing with its own citizens. But most people here would be quite surprised to learn of the circumstances and then the punishment meted out," he said.

Why are we allies?


Maria said...

I know your question is rhetorical, but, as you already know... Saudi Arabia has something the US wants and doesn't want to "lose": oil.

Anonymous said...

maria, i know your answer is rhetorical, but as you already know, energy is the center piece of international economy. Knowing that the USA needs oil doe not make you an intellectual, nor a savvy political critic. If it hurts you to pay $5 a gallon, imagine a world in which only millionaires could drive cars. That's what the world looks like if Saudi becomes an enemy to the Western world. And that's why they're an ally today and will be until the world eliminates its dependence on fossil fuels.