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Monday, January 31, 2005

Training Log

I've missed posting Friday to my training log, so I'll add it to this post.

Date: 1/28/05
Time: 6:15 am
Weather: 17°F, little or no wind
Resting Heartrate: 60 bpm
Sneakers: NB 833, 3.6 mi.
Mileage: 3.6 mi., wtd - 9 mi., ytd – 9 mi.


Very cold and slow going. Railroad loop. Some walking.

Date: 1/31/05
Time: 12:00 pm
Weather: 35°F, little or no wind
Resting Heartrate: 58 bpm
Sneakers: NB 831, 280+ mi.
Mileage: 6.2 mi., wtd – 6.2 mi., ytd – 15.2 mi.


Mistake using old shoes. Duck loop with ~1 mile on half an inch of hard-packed snow. Alternating run/walk for middle miles.

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