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Thursday, March 17, 2005

training log, a day late

I forgot to enter yesterday's data. So:

  • date: 03/16/05
  • time: evening
  • weather: 36ºF, clear, winds from NW at 8 mph
  • mileage: today-3, week-6, year-51.7
  • resting (bpm): 61
  • after workout (bpm): 109
  • weight: +26


Good run. Consistent jog with a one minute pick-up near the end.


Anonymous said...

Stuck at the airport (on my way back to DLS) ... checking how you're doing on your training ... looks like you are making good strides. Keep it up!

Sister signed up for the NY marathon and will find out in May if she got in. Thanks for the info again.


Primer said...

Always at the airport.

Good luck to your sister but the question remains, "Where's your lottery entry?"

bb said...

I think I’m better off as the spectator cheering with the crowd. Just doing the baby steps if I even survive the MS Walk next month … let's see next yr, for now I will leave it up to you guys the qualified ones :-)