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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bit Of The OCD

  • date: 07/20/05
  • time: evening weather: 85º F, 43% humidity, NW 7 mph
  • mileage: today-4, week-11.1, year-231.1
  • resting (bpm): 56
  • after workout (bpm): 128
  • weight: +17


Much more comfortable than yesterday. The temperature was higher, the sun was out but the lower humidity made for a workable run. I found a nice 1-mile loop that is roughly half a mile slightly downhill and half a mile back up. 1-mile warm-up, then 3x 1 mile. Easy on the downhill and moderate to hard on the way back up. ~45 seconds recovery between miles. No jogging warm-down, as I walked two laps around the track before hitting the showers. That's where I briefly short-circuited.

After showering and changing, I stowed my running shoes, clicked my locker shut and put my locker key in my pack. I put my pack on and walked across the locker room to get some water. Afterwards, I was unsure if I shut my locker door before setting the lock.

I checked my pack. There was my key. I went back to my locker. Yeah, it was shut.

I walked away. Three locker rows later I thought, oh, the locker door may have been shut, but was my lock closed around the handle? If I forgot to close the lock around the handle my key would still be in the lock.

I checked my pack. There was my key. I went back to my locker. Yeah, it was shut.

I chuckled, maybe a little more out loud than I intended. Before I walked away I jiggled the locker door handle, inspected the lock and checked my pack one more time for my key. The sun had set by the time I left the gym. The evening's breeze was fantastically refreshing. My how hungry I was. Missed breakfast, had a cup of coffee (cream, no sugar) and some chicken soup for lunch. By the way, the content of my locker consists of soap in a soap dish, a toothbrush with case, a sample-sized tube of toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm and my running shoes. The stuff of a thief's dream, right?

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