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Polymerase chain reaction is a cornerstone of molecular biology research. Using short pieces of single-stranded DNA called primers the previously invisible becomes tangible.

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Cautionary Tail

Primer: So, you busy tonight?
Loretta Lobster: No, just crawling around. Might even contract and retract my tail if some jerk steps on one of my feet. Why, what did you have in mind?
Primer: Oh I don’t know. How about dinner and some laundry?
Loretta Lobster: My chitin exoskeleton is not due to molt for another six months. Laundry on a Friday night?
Primer: Alright, alright. Maybe some other time. I did have this bucket of chum …
Loretta Lobster: Did you say chum?
Primer: Huh? Yeah.

Primer: I do enjoy clean clothes.

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Bill Braine said...

Enjoy clean clothes? I hope you wore a bib.