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Monday, January 21, 2008

Getting Back

17 minus 32, multiply by 5 and divide by 9. I wore a knit hat, three layers up top, two below and a pair of gloves. That left me slightly overdressed for my run today. It was minus 8.3 degrees on the Celsius scale. It was also my first run of 2008 being sidelined since the arm injury. Although I probably could have run with my wing in a sling, things are starting to break down with more and more regularity. I figured I should play it safe. The run was mostly uneventful. My wind is pretty good, and my wheels are predictably a little weak. I stopped at 5.5 miles and walked the last half mile home. By then I’d built up a bit of heat and the wind had picked up a little. Glad I was overdressed.

I signed up at active.com for an online training log, but just came across the log at Runner’s World. Any advice from those who might have tried one or the other? So, this week’s goals are to run four of the seven days. No specific mileage targets yet. My yearly goal is a rehash despite having fallen far short of it last year. I had accomplished a quarter of my annual target before giving way to injury and the summer project. I’m in a better position this year, so here goes: 2008 miles in 2008.

Here’s a slide showing my arm injury recovery. It is day 28 and the bruising and swelling is almost entirely gone.


Maria said...

Clearly, I did not proceed with the correct order of operations.

Your arm has healed nicely! The color palette is also impressive.

Might I humbly suggest RunningAhead for your training log? The log at Active.com is cumbersome and not user-friendly. My $0.02 only.

braine said...

I like the Excel spreadsheet at thinnmann.com, but he himself recommends a couple of others.