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Polymerase chain reaction is a cornerstone of molecular biology research. Using short pieces of single-stranded DNA called primers the previously invisible becomes tangible.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

On the trail

I came across the unmistakable tracks of the mostly domesticated Primer.

His path wandered by obvious signs of others from his species.

Here he seems to have diverted from his mate.

Another sign of Primer's species.  This dwelling appears empty though his species is known to acquire their homes from the previous occupants.

As the snow increased in intensity, it became more difficult to track Primer.

The structure in the background is a gathering place for Primer's species.  He hasn't been there, however, others of his kind congregate there for undetermined but seemingly ritual like behavior.

This is a dwelling where a higher concentration of Primer’s species call home.

Finally, Primer’s tracks led to this dwelling.  Typically, both he and his mate journey a similar path in the early mornings and return here.  They emerge a short time later, share a path down the hill, but then diverge near the base.  I hope to track Primer after this divergence in the future.

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