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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Be It Resolved

My wife and I were out for a run first thing New Year's Day.  She brought up the idea of finding a theme by which we could organize our resolutions.  After a discussion about prioritizing experiences over material things and some talk about branding preferences, we came up with the following:

Be it resolved that the year 2012 be known to us as "The Year of New Things".

And by "Things" we generally mean doing things we haven't done before.  To chronicle our year, I will blog about the new places we explore and the novel experiences and people we encounter.  For example,  we enjoyed dim sum for brunch on New Year's Day with friends.  I had a wonderful time and would endorse making this both a regular thing and a New Year's Day tradition.

Hope you enjoy the rest of year!

Preview: Winter activity and things aquatic coming this weekend.

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