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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Walk It Out

date: 05/17/05
time: evening
weather: 59º F, mostly clear, little or no wind
mileage: today-0, week-3.1, year-194.4
resting (bpm): 60
after workout (bpm): n/a
weight: +23


My left calf was tender to the touch, especially the belly of the medial muscle. No running today. I walked home from the train station, 7 miles. The activity seems to have done some good. Wrong shoes, though. I was wearing an old pair that is a size too narrow in the toe-box. The blisters between my right pinky and adjacent toe are localized but raw.

I did get to try out my new mini iPod. I got through almost all of Bach’s six suites for cello. Pretty neat.

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