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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Up Tempo

  • date: 07/26/05
  • time: evening
  • weather: 82º F, 82% humidity, mostly sunny, wind SW at 13 mph
  • mileage: today-3.5, week-6.6, year-250.1
  • resting (bpm): 54
  • after workout (bpm): 144
  • weight: +16


I’d miss my train if I didn’t start running soon. I’d waited out the sun and temperature as long as I could. Just have to make do. Out of the chute I was going along at a clip much faster than I have been running. Little tweaks in my right calf and left hamstring. By the middle of the run I was going at a quick and steady pace. The wind was cooling, though the humidity was leaving me soaked. I heard the on-the-hour electronic chimes that are supposed to evoke a bell tower. Piss poor job. I’d have to cut my run in half or be sentenced to another hour plus for the next train. I hit my watch, looked down and was pleasantly surprised. An actual 5k at a respectable 5k pace. I did a short cool-down and hit the showers.

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